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Window Tinting Service

Edmonton’s #1 Tint Shop – Our vehicle wrap installers now offer window tinting services. Please call for pricing or send us some pictures and we can text you a quote.

From Wraps to Window Tint and Tail Light Tinting. We got you covered.

We are located in South Edmonton and can fit almost any size of vehicle in our large truck bay. Decide how dark you want to go from the wrapping films we have in stock. We use carbon and premium hybrid carbon films. We only carry luxury tints that can stand the test of time on high performance vehicles.

Our tinting films block 99% of harmful UV rays. Tinting reduces glare and solar radiation protecting your interior from heat and sunlight.

Window tinting can protect your dash, console, and interior from cracking and fading. If you’ve invested into quality auto glass, then we are the tint shop you want to use. We provide comparable rates with other tint shops and provide the best quality product any shop will carry.

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